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Perth Window Cleaning Window Cleaning Perth Northern Suburbs. Solar Panel Cleaning
Perth Window Cleaning
B1 windows providing a Perth Window Cleaning Service. Click below to get a free quote now or call us now on 0499 859 277 to find out more.
Window Cleaning Perth Northern Suburbs.
Window Cleaning Perth Northern Suburbs. Servicing areas Yanchep - Ellenbrook - Mt Pleasant. Call us now on 0499 859 277 to find out more.
Solar Panel Cleaning
B1 Windows use Pure Water Technology to clean Solar panels safely and efficiently. Call us now on 0499 859 277 to find out more.

Perth Window Cleaning

Looking for a professional window cleaning service in Perth? Do you want that service to be reliable and trustworthy? Look no further than B1 Windows.

Window Cleaning Perth

Owned and operated by brothers Brad and Tom, we at B1 Windows have earned ourselves a loyal customer base. We attribute this to our high level of customer care, attention to detail and professional attitude.

With over 15 years of experience window cleaning in Perth we’ve tackled just about any kind of job. Not only that we have some of the most affordable professional window cleaning prices in Perth. So if you’re in need of any light commercial or residential window cleaning, then don’t hesitate to contact us now, and arrange an obligation free quote.

Window Cleaning Services Perth

B1 Windows can take care of all of your residential or light commercial window cleaning needs. What’s more, we can provide the best competitive prices for professional window cleaning in Perth.

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Solar Panel Cleaning Perth

Dirty solar panels produce markedly less energy than clean panels. B1 windows use pure water systems to effectively, and safely, clean single story and second story solar panels.

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Calcium/Limescale Removal

The water in Perth has a high level of calcium deposit. This can leave a white haze, or scale buildup on glass surfaces. B1 Windows use glass safe chemicals and equipment to remove these stubborn stains.

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Why Choose B1 Windows?

When you choose B1 Windows you can rest easy knowing you’re getting a service from an established and reputable business. The general public should always be wary of the “cowboys” in any service industry. Unfortunately for home and business owners, you can experience the same issue for window cleaning services in Perth.Window Cleaning Perth Northern Suburbs Nowadays anyone can post an ad online offering window cleaning for what may seem like a bargain price. The problem with using these fly-by-night services is that in the end you may be getting a rock bottom price, but at the cost of a rock bottom service. If you’re paying someone to do  your commercial or domestic window cleaning then do you really want someone who is not liable to any legitimate business? Who you might not be able to contact again if something went wrong such as damage to your property or unsatisfactory job completion, and even more serious incidences.


The Window Cleaning Professionals

We used to operate almost all of our window cleaning service in Perth’s northern suburbs. These days due to the demand of the growing business we now offer our range of services all over the Perth metro region.

With a high level of repeat business it has helped us establish a good rapport with our customers. And it’s because of this customer relationship through we continue to build our customer base further through word-of-mouth and reputation.

With our industrial grade pure-water system we are able to achieve the best results window cleaning results. Even better, we do this without the exuberant costs. Additionally the water-fed pole system makes multi storey residences easily accessible which means a safe working environment for both us and the customer.

What Every Window Cleaner Should Have!

For us at B1 we do prefer to do things by the book. We have our police background check clearance and working safely at heights certification. Also for our peace of mind, and yours, public liability insurance. So you can rest assured knowing you’re getting a legitimate, and the best, window cleaning service in Perth.

Why Should i get my windows Cleaned?

Residential Window Cleaning

Getting your windows cleaned in Perth is more than just about being houseproud. You may have heard of the term “hard water” and limescale? Perth has a relatively high level of calcium in its water supply. The water in your retic and hosepipes consequently is hard.

Repeated exposure to hard water leads to the build-up of minerals. This build-up is what you see as misty white stains on your glass that you can’t simply clean off. This problem is made worse if you live along the coast. We noticed this first-hand from our years of window cleaning in the Perth northern suburbs.

Window Cleaning Perth Northern Suburbs

Prevent Hard Water Stains

Getting your windows cleaned professionally and regularly will stop the build up of those hard water stains. Importantly, this will help keep the quality of the glass at a high standard over time.

B1 Windows use industry leading window cleaning tools and window cleaning products. This ensures they are best suited to the nature of Perth conditions. A combination of pure water technology and high quality traditional window cleaning tools are why B1 Windows are considered one of the premium window cleaning services in Perth.




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