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Window Cleaning Perth Northern Suburbs

The B1 Approach

At B1 Windows we want the reputation as the number. 1 window cleaning service in Perth. We’ve been in the business long enough to know a few things about the industry. One being that there’s always going to be others out there offering “better value” domestic window cleaning in Perth. Unfortunately, for the customers who use these suspiciously cheap services, rock bottom “fixed prices” frequently results in customer dissatisfaction.

Our Commitment

Our philosophy at B1 is simply to provide a top-quality service as standard, and at a fair price that reflects the level of work. After all, we are the ones that have a reputation to uphold. It’s our reputation that we rely upon to keep our business strong.

Time after time we hear stories from customers who have fallen into the trap of using pop-up window cleaners. The kind that you can easily find on gumtree, with no evident legitimate business affiliation. After a such a disappointing experience they are so grateful for the work B1 Windows does. After experiencing the level of service we provide, customers have no hesitation recommending us to their friends and family as the best domestic window cleaners in Perth.

Keep it simple, use B1

Every process of home window cleaning can be so different. Whether it’s the size and complexity, the dusty and grimy, or the hard water stains. From the days of going out with their dad to help domestic window cleaning in Perth’s northern suburbs we’ve seen it all. Every job can be done to the same high standard, as long as you have the right tools and the know-how. Contact us today and get your free quote.


The B1 Windows Story

B1 Windows began early on for the two brothers. When they were younger, on the weekends, they often helped their dad out with domestic window cleaning in the Perth northern suburbs. Later in life they realised they could take their home window cleaning experience and turn it into a legitimate business.

Soon after that B1 windows emerged. The brothers began to expand their window cleaning service past Perth’s northern suburbs to all over the Perth metro area. It was during this time they established a solid reputation as a reliable and professional domestic window cleaning service in Perth WA.

Growing the Business

With an ever growing level of return customers, demand for the business began to increase exponentially. B1 Windows expanded into light commercial and shopfronts, strata apartment complexes, and a wider range of domestic window cleaning in Perth.

Now, with 15 years of work and dedication put into B1 Windows, the brothers’ business is still going strong. And it continues to grow, with plans to expand their window cleaning service across Perth and WA.

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