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Professional Window Cleaning Services Perth

Commercial window cleaning - Perth Window Cleaning

Residential & Commercial Cleaning

B1 are the experts in both light commercial and residential window cleaning in Perth. Contact us now to get a quote and take hassle out of having dirty windows

Professional Window Cleaning Perth

Solar Panel Cleaning

Energy efficiency from solar panels can be reduced by dirt and dust. Rather than take the risk yourself by trying to clean them, let B1 do it for you

Residential window cleaning

Limescale Stain Removal

Hard water and limescale can make otherwise squeaky clean windows look dull and dirty. The B1 Perth window cleaning professionals can make your windows look brand new again

Residential and Shopfront Window Cleaning in Perth

Exterior Window Cleeaning ServicesB1 Windows’ primary service that we offer is a comprehensive and professional window cleaning service for Perth residences and shopfronts. We understand not everyone prioritises having their windows washed in Perth. Many people think they can do the job themselves. But what we have found from years of experience and talking to customers is people lack the basic knowledge on how to clean windows properly.

Not everyone realises but cleaning windows is time consuming. A lot of homeowners and businesses don’t have the time or energy to invest a full day to properly clean their windows. Not only that but in the case of multi-storey buildings there is a risk element. So why for the sake of a relatively small amount of money would you not just pay professional window cleaners to do it for you. We have the know-how and we have the best equipment. We know how to minimise risk and we’ll always get the best result possible.

Importance of Clean Windows

If you were a small business owner with a commercial shopfront then having a standard of presentation and appearance is crucial. As ridiculous as it may be, potential customers may judge the service of your business based on its external appearance. For many shopfronts owners this includes your windows. Having a window cleaning service to get your exterior windows looking spotless won’t blow out your overheads. But it will keep your business looking its best.

All our Perth residential and shopfront window cleaning services include the following:

Window Washing

  • All interior/exterior windows
  • Window sills
  • Sliding door tracks
  • Security screens
  • Fly screen removal/cleaning

Additional Services

We do offer additional services on top of our standard service. Extras such as glass pool fences, balconies, and interior glass such French doors and glass balustrades. If you have any queries about of our standard or additional services then please send us a message and we’ll be able answer any of your questions.

Other window cleaning services may say they offer these extra services as standard but be aware! You could find that they inflate their standard pricing to compensate for the extra work that is required. Or even more frustratingly they don’t do a proper job of it, making the whole thing a waste of time and money.

B1 Windows utilises a professional grade pure water-fed pole system. This allows for a top-quality finish leaving your windows streak-free and spotless. The reach of the water-fed pole system makes otherwise inaccessible glass not a problem, saving a lot of time and risk.

Lime Scale/ Calcium Stain Removal

Even the most professional  window cleaning service in Perth can only get exterior windows covered in calcium build-up so clean. That is, without taking extra measuresResidential window cleaning. A lot of Perth residential areas need window cleaning for limescale as most homes are exposed to hard water. Don’t let limescale ruin the perfect spot-free finish to your windows. B1 Windows can do the hard work for you and remove the risk of yourself having to use dangerous chemicals.

Removing hard water stains is a relatively simple process, but it can be very time consuming. Calcium deposits on glass typically takes many repeat washes with an acid solution. If your using our professional window cleaning service and you have hard water stains, why not get the job fully complete? Have us get your stained windows looking brand new again.

Solar Panel Cleaning PerthSolar Panel Cleaning Perth

Whether it concerns for your business or your home, energy efficiency is important. You may not be aware but dirt and grime is building up on your solar panels over time. When you’re investing in professional window cleaning why not invest in your solar panels also! With energy efficient sometimes being reduced by over 20%, spend some a little money now and see a financial return.

Get B1 Windows Perth to clean your solar panels professionally and safely. If you want to know more about the benefits of solar panel cleaning you can find out more by reading our Solar Panel Cleaning Perth page.

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